About Timothy MCPherson

His Excellency Timothy E. McPherson is currently the Minister of Finance for the Accompong Maroons (Leeward Maroons) on the Island of Jamaica. The Maroon-state of Accompong was established in 1739 by a Peace Treaty between the Maroons and the British. In 1739 Accompong became the first territory in the Caribbean to win its sovereignty from colonial European powers, while it required another 200 years before Ghana became the first African country to achieve independence, making Accompong the oldest sovereignty of African descent in the world.

Since assuming his role as Minister of Finance, Mr. McPherson has made several strides in restructuring and reforming the economy, and he has become particularly notable for the introduction of the Lumi, Accompong’s new currency which is commodity underwritten with renewable energy.

Climate change and poverty are the greatest threats confronting humanity in the 21st Century. These are collective and global challenges that must be taken seriously.
New bi-partisan relations, new actors, and new international cooperations with diverse partners must be established to immediately decrease the global emission of greenhouse gases and the burgeoning onslaught of widespread economic impoverishment.


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